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The European Cone

Take it to the Extrême

Extrême is journey of surprising sensations from top to tip that is flavourful, creamy, saucy, chocolatey & crispy that leaves you feeling satisfied & uplifted. Why? Because each cone is made with style, creativity & flair (we’re originally French after all).

Planet & Society

Extrême eliminates single use plastic lids

Covering around 71% of our Earth’s surface, the ocean is a magical, mysterious place. Home to incredible creatures, stories that have shaped our history and so much that we’ve yet to discover. But, beneath the blue, it’s under threat. At Extrême, we’re committed to protecting our seas. That’s why we have a zero plastic lid policy, to ensure no single-use plastic lids from Extrême ever find their way into the ocean. And through our partnerships, we’re helping to restore vital parts of the marine ecosystem.


Why settle for ordinary when you can take it to the Extrême

The USA Cone

The Original Drumstick Cone

Bowls. All the rage in the early 1900s, it was utterly perplexing what an ice cream vendor should do when he ran out at the World's Fair. Lucky for you, a neighbouring booth was peddling waffles. A lightbulb illuminates! A rolled-up waffle, the perfect cone! A carefully balled scoop found its host, and the idea of the Drumstick cone was seeded.

The USA Cone

America's favourite cone - that's nuts!

In 2021 a record-breaking 8,382,192 lbs. of peanuts were chopped and placed atop Drumstick cones. To put that in context... that's one peanut per second for approximately 97 days. Feel free to break brains with that fun factoid.

Drumstick is the No. 1 Cone in the USA

The Australian Cone

Drumstick is also the No. 1 Cone in Australia. When it comes to keeping cones crispy and crunchy, we are the experts

The Australian Cone

Drumstick helps Clean Up Australia

Along with stopping the production on all plastic lids, Drumstick Australia supports Clean Up Australia Day, where local communities help clean up beaches, parks, rivers and urban areas to ensure we leave the environment better than we found it for future generations.


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