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Cadbury is one of the fastest-growing brands in the ice cream market, being widely loved by all consumers as such an iconic brand. The ice cream includes the best-selling range of indulgent sticks from Cadbury Dairy Milk to Crunchie Blast, the indulgent Darkmilk to the new smooth creamy Caramilk. The Flake cone is a traditional classic in the range which is appreciated across the generations. For the more indulgent snacking occasions there is a range of Cadbury premium tubs, all filled with delicious creamy ice cream and Cadbury inclusions.

Award Winning Ice Cream Communication

Our Cadbury Ice Cream communications have won multiple effectiveness awards. Our communication adds to the rich world of insights in the ice cream snacking occasion. One of our latest being the Cadbury Darkmilk campaign, where a father is caught off-guard by the tongue-in-cheek kindness of his daughter, their roles reversed, if only for a moment. A clean shed merits a just reward, Cadbury Darkmilk Ice Cream, for grown-ups.

Planet & Society

Cadbury cocoa is sustainably sourced under the Cocoa Life programme

Cocoa Life has been running since 2012 and touches many aspects of life for communities in cocoa regions - from farming techniques, to looking after the environment and supporting the local economy. All this is done through working together with local people, so that everything happens in a way that is right for the area and can continue for years and decades to come.

Planet & Society

Palm Oil Policy

At Mondelēz International, we aim to source ingredients more sustainably so we can promote a more resilient and sustainable supply of key raw materials, such as palm oil. As part of our sustainability approach to palm oil, we seek to maintain 100% Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Palm certification each year.

Milka Ice Cream

Tender Tastes Better

The tender taste of Milka is widely available in the ice cream category with a range of mouthwatering favourites from the classic Milka vanilla indulgent stick to the new Butter Cookie flavour. There is also a range of premium tubs with a delicious core of tender Milka® chocolate intertwined with creamy vanilla ice cream.

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