The No. 1 plant based iced treats brand in the world*

*Source: EuroMonitor, combining all water iced/fruit/non-dairy brand values

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If you’re looking for a delicious, refreshing snack, you’ve come to the right place

All our fruity flavours let you explore a new taste sensation and feel yourself come alive. We make feel-good snacking possible by using 100% real ingredients. With Outshine, what you see is always what you get.

Let the joy shine through

We’ve set out to make the world a brighter place, one stick at a time. Every bite is an invitation to embrace the moment. And each comes with endless opportunities to feel vibrant. To live boldly, to laugh loudly, to shine brightly and when you do, your inner shine comes through. Outshine, Let The Joy Shine Through™!

Each Outshine product is made with only the best ingredients, including the goodness of real fruit and juice

Outshine believes in nutrition labels with words you can pronounce, so you can get your feel-good snacking on!

Outshine is the world leading plant based iced treats brand

Outshine is more than a flavourful delicious snack- Outshine is a vibe. We shine a light on real fruits, big flavours and no GMO ingredients because we believe when you snack well, you feel good. Every bite is an invitation to embrace the moment and each comes with endless opportunities to feel vibrant.

Fruit & Fun in Europe

Rowntree's is a fruity, fun & tasty snack for all the family

Made with fruit juices & purees and only natural ingredients it’s a permissible treat for everyone. We have a commitment to nutrition with all the range being below 110kcal and 12g of sugar per portion.

Fruit & Fun in Europe

Rowntree's is the No. 1 fruit & fun lolly brand in the UK, with Pirulo the No. 1 fruit & fun lolly brand in Europe

Fruit Pastille is the second fastest-selling ice cream in the UK ice cream category.


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