About Us

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Our Vision

To become the world leading ice cream company for all consumers, customers and employees.

About Us

We drive growth in premium ice cream snacking

Froneri is a value creator in the ice cream category. We are driving growth in the dynamic premium and snacking segments. With our strong set of core brands, we are the No.1 or No. 2 player in the majority of markets in which we operate.

Meet our leaders

We are focussed, passionate and entrepreneurial. We are the No 1 ice cream company of the future.

Chief Executive Officer

Ibrahim Najafi

We have a varied presence in all selling channels, from the most advanced eCommerce, to your favourite Parlour.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Phil Griffin

Governance at the highest level is fundamental to achieve our goals.

Group General Counsel

Chontelle Wright

A proven track record of strong financial results and consistent reinvestment back into the business.

Chief Financial Officer

Ivar Blanken

We believe in the power of a strong culture that has people at the heart of everything we do.

Group Head of HR

Heidi Zuber

With our portfolio of world famous brands, we are No 1 in hand held ice cream globally.

Group Head of Marketing

Bernard Tual

We operate state of the art factories across 6 continents, all striving for excellence.

Group Head of Operation

Pietro Monaco

We have a stellar track record of buying sustainably and cost effectively.

Group Head of Supply Chain

Derek Yates

Integrating new systems with the highest security is of the utmost importance.

Group Head of IS & IT

Rob Griffin

About Us

We have the passion of a startup, with over 100 years of expertise

Ibrahim Najafi, CEO

Working the Froneri way

'Froneri is a truly unique business model based on a culture of excellence, with a passion for ice cream. Froneri is an agile organization, with simple and efficient processes, and a great cadre of people who are encouraged to drive growth in a profitable manner. Our people are proud to be part of Froneri’s success story.'

Working at froneri

A Froneri person is unique

They are an ‘all-rounder’, self-motivated, enthusiastic and think outside the box. They are happy to roll up their sleeves and actively get involved. They are accountable for their actions and problem solvers – always open, honest and collaborative. They have a passion for excellence and an eye for detail. Quality is extremely important to us. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and a ‘can do’ attitude. We strongly believe that a great idea can come from anywhere in the business. A Froneri person believes that we come to work to create the best quality ice creams that excite our consumers and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our Values

Passion for Consumers and Customers

Our consumers and customers are the heart of our business.

We deliver consumer and customer satisfaction through a full appreciation of their needs. We make decisions with the consumer in mind. We provide consumers with the best experience through all our ice cream offers.

We thank all of our employees globally for their contributions in making Froneri the leading pure play ice cream business in the world

Froneri History

Explore the history of Froneri and how the company has progressed in the ice cream industry since 1985.

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  • Our Brands
    • Häagen-Dazs
    • Oreo
    • Drumstick & Extrême
    • Nuii
    • Cadbury & Milka
    • Outshine & Rowntree’s

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