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Driving growth in premium snacking while being environmentally and socially responsible

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Nuii supports the re-wilding of endangered Koalas in Australia


Our Nuii Elephant Education Centre in Namibia is complete


Nuii P.E.A.C.E Project installing 40 solar powered water wells in Namibia


Rowntree’s Ice-lollies: The Go-To treat when HFSS comes into play


Nuii P.E.A.C.E Project to support desert dwelling elephants and the local community in Namibia

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About Froneri

With our strong set of brands, we are No. 2 in the UK market selling some of the fastest growing brands in the market

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Katie Henderson, Head of Operations UK

I was 16 when I signed up for an apprenticeship in 2001 at our Leeming Bar factory working in Logistics and Technical providing administrative support. This led to a succession of roles such as Technical Co-ordinator, Packaging Technologist, Process Manager and Factory Manager and in 2023 I was promoted to UK Head of Operations. Froneri invests in young people and provides them with the relevant skills and training they need to achieve their goals. I feel part of a fantastic team where accountability and teamwork are demonstrated throughout our business and really value the skills that I have obtained and been able to share with others.

Our People

Froneri around the world

Line Manager, New Zealand

Rangi Monga

At Froneri, we really encourage our people to step out of their comfort zone to explore their own abilities and accomplish their skills so they know what they can do to improve our performance and the quality of our products. Ideas come from everywhere, not just one person. Froneri has given me many opportunities to explore and inspire people and support teams. I really believe that teamwork is key to the success of our business and with the right attitude and a “can do” spirit we can achieve so much.

Continuous Improvement Specialist, South Africa

Rock Mwanza

I began my career as an Effluent Plant Operator, then moved into the Safety Department, and now I am a Continuous Improvement Specialist. Currently, as a team, we are working on reducing our utilities expenditure to have better control of how we manage our electricity. Should we get this right we will realise millions in savings annually on our electricity bill which also contributes to the business objective of reducing our Greenhouse Gas Emissions and achieving our ESG goals.

Supply Chain Manager, Serbia

Dragana Dimovic

I was a part of Froneri since the beginning, so I have witnessed changes and the development of the company first hand. We have grown our factory and operations multiple times in just a few years thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit and determination, which in my view, represent the best of our values. Ice cream is a category which requires fast actions and decisions, and we have the freedom to do just that. Froneri is willing to take a chance on people and give them room to grow and develop, as evident from my own career path.


Froneri has over 15,000 employees worldwide that live and breathe ice cream, striving for excellence and efficiency.

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We operate 3 sites in the UK with state of the art factories, including the largest ice cream factory in Europe. All dedicated to producing the highest quality ice cream


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Cadbury ice cream is so good, 'It's guaranteed not to last'!


We are so excited to announce the launch of our Rowntree’s Community Grant Programme, Free the Fund


New Rowntree’s Fruit Push Ups


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Introducing new Oreo Mini Sandwich


Oreo launches new stick


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Introducing the Cadbury Crunchie blast cone


Cadbury launches new Caramel stick ice cream


R&R Ice Cream UK Limited is now Froneri Ice Cream UK Limited


Nuii launches Italian Roasted Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate with an adventure in Rome


Introducing Rowntree's new Fruit Twisties


Cadbury Ice Cream launches iconic Caramilk range


Froneri provides its mid-year update for the six months ended 30 June 2022


Cadbury Darkmilk


Froneri provides its mid-year update for the six months ended 30 June 2021


Fall in love with the new Oreo stick sandwich ice cream coated in Cadbury chocolate


Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream has a fresh new look


Nuii launches new Texan pecan with caramel white chocolate


Introducing the new Oreo Ball Top cone, the ultimate snack sensation


Perfect your family film night with the latest blockbuster ice creams from Cadbury


Froneri provides its mid-year update for the six months ended 30 June 2020


Froneri launches Nuii premium ice cream stick

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