March 02 2020

There is only one Merenda… Ice cream!

How often are you daydreaming about your childhood afternoons, when you used to enjoy a slice of bread with Merenda? Everything was so magical back then!

You can freeze time in its sweetest moment! Just open the freezer and try the new Merenda ice cream cup!

Deep your spoon at the most subversive combination of hazelnut praline and cocoa – hazelnut ice cream straight from the cup or dare to combine it with your favorite ingredients to prepare your own Merenda creations all year long!

Imagine how delicious it would be a Merenda ice cream scoop to melt for you on a fluffy waffle or to make a creamy milkshake and even to complete your homemade mosaic recipe!

Now, stop fantasizing … because you can have a real Merenda ice cream cup at anytime!

Where else? In every Froneri ice cream freezer!