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Peters Drumstick Fudge

Australia’s iconic ice cream brand, Peter’s Drumstick has launched a decadent new
Fudge range. The two delectable flavours, S’Mores and Choc & Hazelnut, have
thick, fudgy cores making for the ultimate decadent snack.

Staying true to Drumstick’s creamy base, crunchy cone and loved choccy tip, the
Drumstick Fudge range takes the Aussie classic to a new level. From the first bite
each mouthful is packed with flavour, but it’s the gooey fudge centre that is the hero
of the snack.

The Drumstick Fudge S’Mores takes the traditional campfire treat to a new level.
Packing all the flavours of marshmallow, biscuit and chocolate into Drumstick’s
signature crispy wafer cone, this new favourite snack is complete with a decadent
choc fudge centre that is oozing with deliciousness.

The Drumstick Fudge Choc Hazelnut has an equally irresistible gooey choc
hazelnut fudge centre. From the moment you rip, to the bite of the classic choccy tip,
this ‘can-never-go-wrong’ combo delivers the perfect hazelnut, choc and creamy
vanilla flavours, topped with crushed hazelnuts.

Not only are these new Drumstick’s packed with flavour, but they deliver on the
multi-textural eating experience that Australians have come to love. From creamy to
gooey to crispy, each Drumstick Fudge takes you on a journey. The Drumstick Fudge
range is now available from the freezer aisle of all major supermarkets.