January 07 2019

KAKTUS Sponsors Hit Show

FRONERI Poland and the brand KAKTUS started the year with a sponsorship of one of the most famous TV shows in Poland – ‘The Voice KIDS’.

The campaign is supported by Dawid Kwiatkowski – a popular Polish singer as well as KAKTUS influencer and the coach of ‘The Voice KIDS’.

The sponsorship of the program involves a product placement in 6 episodes of the show and 2 TV commercials. Firstly, a short 6-second sponsorship commercial transmitted on TV 5 days a week. KAKTUS commercial stands out among other sponsors because of Dawid Kwiatkowski who appears in the commercial and invites the audience to watch „The Voice KIDS” on behalf of KAKTUS. Secondly, a colourful and happy 300-second commercial based on the slogan „KAKTUS. Eat the way you want!”. KAKTUS Republic is a world created for all KAKTUS fans. In KAKTUS Republic you can be yourself – express your real feelings, enjoy your passions, have fun, do crazy things – live the way you want … EAT THE WAY YOU WANT! J This key message is shown in KAKTUS commercial where Dawid Kwiatkowski – KAKTUS influencer, together with a group of friends experience unusual, crazy situations with KAKTUS ice cream. The Voice Kids TV campaign is followed by digital activities on KAKTUS social media channels and will be further developed in an online video campaign.