December 01 2020

Froneri wins the Compliance Brazil Award

Award recognizes the company's good practices in food safety

Froneri is among the top three companies in the country in the “food safety” category of the Compliance Brazil Award. The fifth edition of the award, held earlier this month, assesses the compliance of Brazilian companies with current legislation and other sustainable practices. More than 1,700 nationally renowned companies participated in the event.


Food quality and safety, good manufacturing practices, pest control, in addition to adapting to more than 350 national, state and municipal standards were some of the aspects that guaranteed Froneri recognition, second only behind to the giant Nestlé. This is the first time that the company has won an award in the area, but the result is a consequence of a long-term work.


“A solid food safety culture is not built overnight. We have internal procedures, of international benchmarking, rooted throughout the factory to guarantee excellence in all operations”, says João Gabriel Carvalho, Quality Coordinator at Froneri Brasil.


The hygiene and cleaning standards well disseminated by the factory, combined with weekly Quality meetings with the entire Froneri Brazil Board of Directors, are important practical examples of the company's daily routine for the management of the food safety culture. In addition, there is a calendar of awareness activities that involve the manufacturing community in actions related to the importance of manufacturing and providing high quality food and exemplary safety standards.


“Quality is a core value for Froneri. We have a passion for excellence. When we receive an award like this, with the eye of a renowned external agent on the topic, it demonstrates that our efforts are in the direction of what is established by our Global Group and confirms the focus on the satisfaction of our consumers”, concludes Airton Paliares, Operations Director at Froneri Brasil.


About the Compliance Brazil Sustainability Award | ESG: is nationwide and celebrates legal control and good sustainable practices by companies. The Award is an initiative of Verde Ghaia in partnership with Grupo Voto. The purpose of the award is to encourage companies to implement compliance and sustainable practices in all their processes. That is, companies that seek excellence in their management through compliance with laws, international certifications and the implementation of actions that promote continuous improvement.