August 27 2019



Australian culinary creative, Connoisseur, is releasing a limited-edition range of bespoke ice cream flavours inspired by Australian native ingredients, found in our own backyard.

The Australian Native Collection champions local and unexpected flavours, distinctive in both taste and texture, including lemon myrtle, wattleseed and pink hibiscus, creating five new sophisticated and indulgent ice creams.

The collection features flavours across two sticks and three 470ml tubs:

  • WATTLESEED + HAZELNUT Stick: Roasted Australian wattleseed sauce swirled through creamy ice cream and coated in rich hazelnut white chocolate
  • WILD HIBISCUS + BERRY Stick: A delicately floral hibiscus and berry coulis swirled through vanilla flavoured ice cream and coated in a uniquely pink hibiscus flavoured chocolate
  • MACADAMIA + SPICED LIME Tub: Buttery, roasted Australian macadamias dusted in aromatic lemon myrtle with a zesty sauce of Australian native finger limes and ginger swirled through creamy vanilla flavoured ice cream
  • BUSH HONEY + NOUGAT Tub: A deliciously sweet bush honey and spicy cinnamon myrtle sauce combined with chocolate coated nougat pieces swirled through a velvety caramel flavoured ice cream
  • DAVIDSON PLUM + COCOA Tub: A delicate cocoa ice cream infused with a sophisticated sweet & sour sauce featuring tart notes of Davidson Plum perfectly balanced with the sweetness of Caramelised Pear.

Connoisseur has partnered with renowned Australian chef Mark Olive for the new collection, drawing on his years of experience and passion for fusing native flavours in an unexpected way.

“The new Connoisseur Australian Native Collection can help Australians become more familiar with ingredients that are unique to our country, which deserve to be tasted and celebrated,” said Mark who is endorsing the range.

The new flavours shine a light on local ingredients at a time when premium produce and native ingredients are at the forefront of culinary experiences.

“We are excited about the new range and championing local ingredients in a new and unexpected way, highlighting the versatile and delicious flavours,” said Peter’s Head of Marketing, Andrea Hamori.

The Connoisseur Australian Native Collection is available from leading convenience and grocery stores nationally from 15 August at RRP $10 for a 470mL tub, $8.40 for a multipack of 4 sticks and $4.10 for a loose pack stick.



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